The Academy Advantage

What makes MySportsShare Academy Special

  • Education: Courses made specifically to teach athletes skills they will need as an elite athlete, college, professional or post professional career such as public speaking, how to get recruited to play in college, sports psychology, financial literacy and more

  • Vetted Educators: Our instructors have been chosen and given exclusive content rights to their niche because they have a proven track record of helping athletes achieve the next level in their niche.

  • Instructor Access: Instructor discussions and feedback! You'll be able to have direct contact with your instructors though course discussion areas. Get invited to our Facebook Group and meet all the other Elite Athletes in the Academy

  • Training: Courses that teach you sport specific training skills taught by elite trainers. We also offer skill specific training that can be used across all sports such as elite speed for sport.

  • Dynamic Courses: Our classes grow with our students. We are not like Udemy, Masterclass or other class websites where you purchase a course, get access or download it and the information stays the same forever. Our instructors are dedicated to keeping their courses fresh and growing for their students. Sports education and training has changed exponentially over the past 5 years and will continue to do so with technology.

  • Mentorship: the most unique and exciting offering we have put into the academy is the opportunity to have once a month mentoring video conference calls with professional athletes in the sport you want to become elite! There is no better way to learn how to accomplish a goal than from someone who has accomplished the goal before.

Join Our Private Academy and Community of Athletes

Sports aren't a dream, they'r'e a career. Once you're an athlete you're always an athlete. Join our community and get access to elite sports education, training and mentorship with pro athletes.