Course curriculum

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    Mini Course

    • Welcome Message

    • Speed For Sports

    • The Truth About Getting Faster!

    • Hip Flexor Exercise Demo

    • THE WHY

    • THE WHAT

    • THE HOW

    • THANK YOU!

    • Assessment Questions

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    Welcome to the course!


  • 3

    Speed for sport Intro

  • 4

    Truth About Resistance Bands

    • Resistance Bands

  • 5

    Muscle Fiber Types

    • Type 1 Muscle Fibers

    • Type 2 Muscle Fibers

    • Why do the difference muscle fibers matter?

  • 6

    How To Develop Fast-Twitch Muscle Fibers

    • Intro

    • Exercise #1- Hip Flexors 1

    • Exercise #2- Hip Flexors 2

    • Exercise #3- Hip Abductors

    • Exercise #4- Knee Flexor/hamstrings

    • Exercise #5-Hip Extensors

    • Exercise #6- Calf Iso

    • Exercise #7-Hip Flexors/Knee Extensors

    • Exercise 8- Hip Extension 2

    • Exercise 9- Adductors 1

    • Exercise 10- Adductors 2

    • Exercise 11- Tibialis Iso

    • Exercise 12- Calf Knee Over Toe Iso

  • 7

    Sprint Mechanics

    • Sprint Mechanics

    • Arm Mechanics

    • A-March Drill

    • 1's Form Run Drill

    • 1-2's Form Run Drill

    • 1-2-3's Form Run Drill

  • 8

    Top Sprint Drills

    • FWD Half Kneeling Start

    • Lateral Half Kneeling Start

    • Floor Pushup Position Start

    • Double Half Kneeling Start

    • Falling Starts


Shawn Jackson

My name is Shawn Jackson and I am the owner of Jackson Elite Training. I graduated from Hope College with a Exercise Science degree and finished my Masters Degree in Business. I am a certified Speed & Agility Specialist through the IYCA. I played four years of College Football and received MVP and many other accolades along the way. My passion for speed and agility grew when I graduated and became a member of the FootDoctor Sports, which is a group of trainers dedicated to improving human movement and mechanics. I have been training and coaching for over 10 years working with youth, college, and pro athletes of all sports. I designed this course to help athletes know exactly what to do to put themselves in the best position to improve their strength, power, and speed with minimal equipment. One big take away I have learned in life is to follow proven results from someone who has been there and done , which can save your time, energy, and get you to the next level!