Course curriculum

  • 2

    Recruiters Check List Secrets part 1

    • What is the true height and weight of student?

    • Go after the right schools!

    • Find a Training Group to train w/ proven track record

    • How is the student's ability compared to those around him?

    • Test your learning

    • Course chapter rating

  • 3

    Recruiters Checklist Secrets part 2

    • Get Certified, know the material is worth 250K

    • You must take action

    • How many Scholarships are out there?

    • Real Statistics

    • Test your learning

    • Course chapter rating

  • 4

    Parents Checklist/ Goals

    • Parents must be on all social media accts daily

    • Drug Test your Child

    • Check Students Cell Phone

    • Parent Checklist all social media, Drug Test, Check Cell Phone overview

    • What Level can your son play on?

    • Get To Know Coaches

    • Tape the Student as much as possible

    • This is Your Investment

    • Troubles with Sexual Behavior

    • Students will be Faced with Situations

    • Course chapter rating

  • 5

    Social Media

    • 4.1 Set Up Main Social Media Accounts

    • 4.2 Use Social Media to Market the Brand

    • 4.3 Build the Brand to Tell Your Story

    • 4.4 Post Short Video Clips

    • 4.5 40 Offers on 5 Day Elite Talent Bus Tour

    • 4.6 Social Media Secets

    • 4.7 You Are What You Tweet

    • 4.8 Dont Lie

    • Course chapter rating

  • 6

    Main College Recruiting Sites

    • 5.1 Main College Sites + Free Local Media

    • 5.2 Get A Free Profile with as Many Sites as Possible

    • 5.3 Follow This System and Save Money

    • Course chapter rating


Head Instructor


Hello, I am Derrick Tatum head of Elite Talent Football Academy. We are a company here to help mold athletes and make them become better men in the community. I’ve had the privilege of playing for the Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks in the NFL. I earned a four year Scholarship from the University of Kentucky and started this company to help develop young athletes on and off the field. I believe to be better than everyone else, first you need to believe you are and then you need to train like it. Here at Elite Talent Football Academy we build our athletes to be “Elite”!